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Is Arabic really a single language?
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Is Arabic really a single language?


All language-learners face the difficulties of regional variations or dialects. Usually, it takes the form of an odd word…

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Word of the day قائِل
saying, stating
10 tricky pronunciations
OxfordWords blog

10 tricky pronunciations


Recently we learned – if we were in any doubt – that Nike want their name pronounced Nikey (or, to put it in the International…

What are the months of the year in Arabic?

Learn the different names for months of the year in Arabic.

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Why learn Arabic?
OxfordWords blog

Why learn Arabic?


To celebrate the launch of our new Oxford Arabic Dictionary (in print and online), the Chief Editor, Tressy Arts, explains…

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Which everyday English words came from Arabic?


To celebrate the launch of our new Oxford Arabic Dictionary, we're taking a look at English words of Arabic origin. Using…

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