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  • 1 the government must act to remedy the situation
    take action, take steps, take measures, move, react
  • 2 he was acting on the orders of the party leader
    follow, act in accordance with, obey, heed, comply with; fulfill, meet, discharge
  • 3 a real estate agent acting for a prospective buyer
    represent, act on behalf of; stand in for, fill in for, deputize for, take the place of
  • 5 the scents act as a powerful aphrodisiac
    operate, work, function, serve
  • 6 the drug acted directly on the blood vessels
    affect, have an effect on, work on; have an impact on, impact on, influence


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act up

  • 1.1 all children act up from time to time
    misbehave, behave badly, be up to mischief, become unruly
  • 2.1 the engine was acting up
    malfunction, go wrong, be defective, be faulty
    informal be on the blink, be on the fritz

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