Synonyms of agree in English:



  • 1 I agree with you
    concur, be of the same mind/opinion, see eye to eye, be in sympathy, be united, be as one man
    [Antonyms] differ
  • 2 they had agreed to a ceasefire
    consent to, assent to, acquiesce to, accept, approve, say yes to, give one's approval to, give the nod to
    informal OK
    formal accede to
    [Antonyms] reject
  • 3 the plan and the drawing do not agree with each other
    match (up), jibe, accord, correspond, chime in, conform, coincide, fit, tally, be in harmony/agreement, harmonize, be consistent/equivalent
    informal square
    [Antonyms] differ, contradict
  • 4 they agreed on a price
    settle on, decide on, arrive at, work out, negotiate, reach an agreement on, come to terms on, strike a bargain on, make a deal on, shake hands on
  • Usage


    Note the distinction between agreeing to something like a plan, scheme, or project and agreeing with somebody: I agree to the repayment schedule suggested; Danielle agrees with Eric that we should all go hiking on Saturday; humid weather does not agree with me. The construction agree with is also used regarding two things that go together: that story does not agree with the facts; the verb must agree with the noun in person and number

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