Synonyms of air in English:



  • 1 hundreds of birds hovered in the air
    sky, atmosphere;
    heavens, ether
  • 2 open the windows to get some air into the room
    breeze, draft, wind;
    breath/blast of air, gust of wind
  • 3 an air of defiance
  • 4 (airs) putting on airs
  • 5 a traditional Scottish air
    tune, melody, song
    literary lay
  • verb

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  • 1 a chance to air your views
    express, voice, make public, ventilate, articulate, state, declare, give expression/voice to;
    have one's say about
  • 2 the windows were opened to air the room
    ventilate, freshen, refresh, cool
  • 3 the film was aired nationwide
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    aerial existing or taking place in the air

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