Synonyms of alert in English:



  • 1 police have asked neighbors to stay alert
    vigilant, watchful, attentive, observant, wide awake, circumspect; on the lookout, on one's guard, on one's toes, on the qui vive
    informal heads-up, keeping one's eyes open/peeled, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
    [Antonyms] inattentive
  • 2 mentally alert
    quick-witted, sharp, bright, quick, keen, perceptive, wide awake, on one's toes
    informal on the ball, quick on the uptake, all there, with it
    [Antonyms] inattentive slow-witted
  • noun

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  • 2 a flood alert
    warning, notification, notice; siren, alarm, signal, danger signal, distress signal
  • verb

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  • 1 police were alerted by a phone call
    warn, notify, apprise, forewarn, put on one's guard, put on the qui vive
    informal tip off, clue in
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