Synonyms of all right in English:

all right


  • 1 the tea was all right
    satisfactory, acceptable, adequate, fairly good, passable, reasonable
    informal so-so, 'comme ci, comme ça', OK, jake
    [Antonyms] unsatisfactory
  • 2 are you all right?
    unhurt, uninjured, unharmed, unscathed, in one piece, safe, safe and sound; well, fine, alive and well
    informal OK
    [Antonyms] hurt in danger
  • 3 it's all right for you to go now
    permissible, permitted, allowed, allowable, admissible, acceptable, legal, lawful, legitimate, licit, authorized, sanctioned, approved, in order
    informal OK, legit
    [Antonyms] forbidden
  • adverb

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  • 1 the system works all right
    satisfactorily, adequately, fairly well, passably, acceptably, reasonably
    informal OK
    [Antonyms] unsatisfactorily
  • 2 it's him all right
    definitely, certainly, unquestionably, undoubtedly, indubitably, undeniably, assuredly, for sure, without (a) doubt, beyond (any) doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt
    archaic in sooth, verily
    [Antonyms] possibly
  • exclamation

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  • 1 all right, I'll go
    very well (then), fine, good, yes, agreed, right (then)
    informal OK, okey-dokey, roger, wilco
    [Antonyms] no
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