Synonyms of and in English:



  • 1 coffee and a scone
    together with, along with, with, as well as, in addition to, also;
    besides, furthermore
    informal plus
  • Usage


    1 It is still widely taught and believed that conjunctions such as and (as well as but and because) should not be used to start a sentence, the argument being that a sentence starting with and expresses an incomplete thought and is therefore incorrect. Writers down the centuries have readily ignored this advice, however, using and to start a sentence, typically for rhetorical effect: What are the government's chances of winning in court? And what are the consequences?2 A small number of verbs—notably try, come, and go—can be followed by and with another verb, as in sentences like we're going to try and explain it to them or why don't you come and see the film? Such structures in these verbs correspond to the use of the infinitive ‘to,’ as in we're going to try to explain it to them or why don't you come to see the film? Since these structures are grammatically odd and (though extremely common) are mainly restricted to informal English, they are regarded as wrong by some and should be avoided in formal standard English

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