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Synonyms of around in English:


  • 1 there were houses scattered around
    on every side, on all sides, throughout, all over (the place), everywhere;
    about, here and there
  • 2 he turned around
    in the opposite direction, to face the other way, backward, to the rear
  • 3 there was no one around
    nearby, near, about, close by, close, close at hand, at hand, in the vicinity, at close range
  • preposition

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  • 1 the palazzo is built around a courtyard
    on all sides of, about, encircling, surrounding, enclosing
  • 2 they drove around town
    about, all over, in/to all parts of
  • 3 around three miles
    approximately, about, around/round about, circa, roughly, something like, more or less, in the region of, in the neighborhood of, give or take (a few);
    nearly, close to, approaching;
    getting on for
    informal in the ballpark of
  • Phrases

    around the clock
  • 1.1 we're working around the clock
    day and night, night and day, round the clock, all the time, ‘morning, noon, and night’, continuously, nonstop, steadily, unremittingly
    informal 24-7
  • 2.1 around-the-clock supervision
    continuous, round-the-clock, constant, nonstop, continual, uninterrupted
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