Synonyms of bend in English:



  • 1 the frames can be bent to fit your face
    curve, angle, hook, bow, arch, flex, crook, hump, warp, contort, distort, deform
    [Antonyms] straighten
  • 2 the highway bends to the left
    turn, curve, incline, swing, veer, deviate, diverge, fork, change course, curl, loop
  • 3 he bent down to tie his shoe
    stoop, bow, crouch, hunch, lean down/over
    [Antonyms] straighten up
  • 4 they want to bend me to their will
    mold, shape, manipulate, direct, force, press, influence, incline, sway
  • noun

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  • 1 he came to a bend in the road
    curve, turn, corner, jog, kink, dogleg, oxbow, zigzag, angle, arc, crescent, twist, crook, deviation, deflection, loop, hairpin turn, hairpin
  • Phrases

    bend over backwards

    informal we've bent over backwards to give you a second chancetry one's hardestdo one's bestdo one's utmostdo all one cangive one's allmake every effort informaldo one's damnedestgo all outpull out all the stopsbust a gutmove heaven and earth

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