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Synonyms of benefit in English:


  • 1 for the benefit of others
    good, sake, welfare, well-being, advantage, comfort, ease, convenience;
    help, aid, assistance, service;
    [Antonyms] detriment
  • 2 the benefits of working for a large firm
    advantage, reward, merit, boon, blessing, virtue;
    informal perk
    formal perquisite
    [Antonyms] drawback, disadvantage
  • 3 have you applied for this benefit?
    social security, welfare, assistance, employment insurance, unemployment, food stamps;
    charity, donations, gifts, financial assistance
  • 4 we have four tickets for tonight's benefit
    fundraiser, fundraising event, charity affair, charity event
  • verb

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  • 1 the deal benefited them both
    be advantageous to, be beneficial to, be of advantage to, be to the advantage of, profit, do good to, be of service to, serve, be useful to, be of use to, be helpful to, be of help to, help, aid, assist, be of assistance to;
    better, improve, strengthen, boost, advance, further
    [Antonyms] damage
  • 2 they may benefit from the scheme
    profit from, gain from, reap benefits from, reap reward(s) from, make money from;
    make the most of, exploit, turn to one's advantage, put to good use, do well out of
    informal cash in on, make a killing from
    [Antonyms] suffer
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