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Synonyms of bland in English:


  • 1 bland food
    [Antonyms] tangy, tasty
  • 2 a bland film
    unexciting, unimaginative, uninspiring, uninspired, lackluster, uninvolving, vapid, flat, stale, trite
    informal blah, plain-vanilla, white-bread, banal, commonplace, humdrum, ho-hum, vacuous, wishy-washy
    [Antonyms] interesting, stimulating
  • 3 a bland expression
    expressionless, blank, wooden, stony, deadpan, hollow, undemonstrative, imperturbable
    [Antonyms] emotional, expressive
  • Reflections


    Bland was originally used of people to mean ‘suave, smooth, unperturbed, soothingly pleasing’ (which has survived in blandish and blandishments), and of things to mean ‘soft, mild, pleasantly soothing, etc.’ Only incidentally did it mean ‘dull, insipid, flavorless.’ Today, though, bland nearly always has a pejorative tinge. Outside of one semi-medical idiom ( the ulcerous CEO was placed on a bland diet), bland now tends to imply that whatever's described was trying to be more interesting, piquant, stirring, forceful, magnetic, or engaging than it actually ended up being.
    David Foster Wallace
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