Synonyms of block in English:



  • 1 a block of cheese
  • 2 an apartment block
    building, complex, structure, development
  • 3 a block of shares
    batch, group, set, quantity
  • 4 a block to reasoned public debate
    [Antonyms] aid
  • 5 a block in the pipe
    blockage, obstruction, stoppage, clog, congestion, occlusion, clot
  • verb

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  • 1 weeds can block drainage ditches
    clog (up), stop up, choke, plug, obstruct, gum up, dam up, congest, jam, close
    informal gunge up
    technical occlude
    [Antonyms] open
  • 2 picket lines blocked access to the factory
    [Antonyms] facilitate
  • 3 he blocked a shot on the goal line
    stop, deflect, fend off, hold off, repel, parry, repulse
  • Phrases

    block something off

    the bridge was blocked off
    close up, shut off, seal off, barricade, bar, obstruct

    block something out

    trees blocked out the light
    conceal, keep out, blot out, exclude, obliterate, blank out, stop

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