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  • 3 the property bordered on the state park
    adjoin, abut, be next to, be adjacent to, be contiguous with, touch, join, meet, reach


border on

his tone bordered on contempt verge onapproachcome close tobe comparable toapproximate tobe tantamount tobe similar toresemble

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border, brim, brink, edge, margin, rim, verge
A border is the part of a surface that is nearest to its boundary ( a rug with a flowered border )—although it may also refer to the boundary line itself ( the border between Vermont and New Hampshire ). A margin is a border of a definite width that is usually distinct in appearance from what it encloses; but unlike border, it usually refers to the blankness or emptiness that surrounds something ( the margin on a printed page ). While border and margin usually refer to something that is circumscribed, edge may refer to only a part of the perimeter ( the south edge of the lawn ) or the line where two planes or surfaces converge ( the edge of the table ). Edge can also connote sharpness ( the edge of a knife ) and can be used metaphorically to suggest tension, harshness, or keenness ( there was an edge in her voice ; take the edge off their nervousness ). Verge may also be used metaphorically to describe the extreme limit of something ( on the verge of a nervous breakdown ), but in a more literal sense, it sometimes is used of the line or narrow space that marks the limit or termination of something ( the verge of a desert or forest ). Brink denotes the edge of something very steep or an abrupt division between land and water ( the brink of the river ), or metaphorically the very final limit before an abrupt change ( on the brink of disaster ). Rim and brim apply only to things that are circular or curving. But while rim describes the edge or lip of a rounded or cylindrical shape ( the rim of a glass ), brim refers to the inner side of the rim when the container is completely full ( a cup filled to the brim with steaming coffee ). However, when one speaks of the brim of a hat, it comes closer to the meaning of margin or border.

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