Synonyms of bottom in English:



  • 1 the bottom of the stairs
    foot, lowest part, lowest point, base;
    [Antonyms] top
  • 2 the bottom of the car
  • 3 the bottom of Lake Ontario
    floor, bed
    [Antonyms] surface
  • 4 the bottom of the standings in the Eastern League
    lowest position, lowest level
    [Antonyms] top
  • 5 I enjoyed the horseback ride, except for my sore bottom
    rear, rear end, backside, seat, buttocks, rump, derrière
    British informal bum, arse
    Anatomy nates
  • 6 police got to the bottom of the mystery
    origin, cause, root, source, basis, foundation;
    heart, kernel;
  • adjective

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  • 1 she sat on the bottom step
    technical basal
    [Antonyms] highest, top
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