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  • 2 she had broken her leg she had broken her leg
    [Antonyms] mend
  • 4 the coffee machine has broken
    stop working, break down, give out, go wrong, malfunction, crash
    informal go kaput, conk out, go/be on the blink, go/be on the fritz, give up the ghost
  • 6 his concentration was broken
    interrupt, disturb, interfere with
  • 7 they broke for coffee
    stop, pause, have a rest, recess
    informal take a breather, take five
    they broke for coffee
    [Antonyms] resume
  • 10 habits are difficult to break
    give up, relinquish, drop
    informal kick, shake, quit
  • 16 the day broke fair and cloudless
    dawn, begin, start, emerge, appear
  • 17 a political scandal broke
    erupt, break out
  • 18 the weather broke
    change, alter, shift
  • 19 waves broke against the rocks
    crash, dash, beat, pound, lash


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  • 2 a break in the weather
    change, alteration, variation


break away

  • 1.1 she attempted to break away
    escape, get away, run away, flee, make off; break free, break loose, get out of someone's clutches
    informal cut and run
  • 2.1 a group broke away from the main party
    leave, secede from, split off from, separate from, part company with, defect from
    Politics cross the floor from

break down

  • 2.1 pay negotiations broke down
    fail, collapse, founder, fall through, disintegrate
    informal fizzle out
  • 3.1 Vicky broke down, sobbing loudly
    burst into tears; lose control, be overcome, go to pieces, crumble, disintegrate
    informal crack up, lose it

break something down

  • 1.1 the police broke the door down
    knock down, kick down, smash in, pull down, tear down, demolish
  • 2.1 break big tasks down into smaller parts
    divide, separate
  • 3.1 graphs show how the information can be broken down
    analyze, categorize, classify, sort out, itemize, organize; dissect

break in

  • 1.1 thieves broke in and took her checkbook
    commit burglary, break and enter; force one's way in

break someone in

it's Edgar's responsibility to break in the new cooks traininitiate informalshow someone the ropes

break into

  • 1.1 thieves broke into a house on Park Street
    burgle, burglarize, rob; force one's way into
  • 2.1 Phil broke into the discussion
    interrupt, butt into, cut in on, intervene in

break off

the cup handle just broke off snap offcome offbecome detachedbecome separated

break something off

  • 1.1 I broke off a branch from the tree
    snap off, pull off, sever, detach

break out

  • 1.1 he broke out of the detention center
    escape from, abscond from, flee from; get free of

break up

  • 1.1 the meeting broke up
    end, finish, stop, terminate; adjourn; recess
  • 4.1 informal the whole cast broke up
    burst out laughing, crack up, dissolve into laughter

break something up

  • 1.1 police tried to break up the crowd
    disperse, scatter, disband
  • 2.1 I'm not going to let you break up my marriage
    wreck, ruin, destroy

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