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Synonyms of breath in English:


  • 1 I took a deep breath
    inhalation, inspiration, gulp of air;
    Medicine  respiration
  • 2 a breath of wind
    puff, waft, faint breeze
  • 3 a breath of scandal
    hint, suggestion, trace, touch, whisper, murmur, suspicion, whiff, undertone
  • 4 there was no breath left in him
    life, life force
  • Phrases

    take someone's breath away
    his solo on the sax took our breath away
    astonish, astound, amaze, stun, startle, stagger, shock, take aback, dumbfound, jolt, shake up;
    awe, overawe, thrill, flabbergast, blow away, bowl over, stop someone in their tracks, leave someone speechless
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