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Synonyms of bring in English:


  • 1 he brought a tray
  • 2 Seth brought his bride to the club
  • 3 the wind changed and brought rain
    stir up, whip up, promote
    literary beget
  • 4 the police contemplated bringing charges
    put forward, prefer, lay, submit, present, initiate, institute
  • 5 this job brings him a regular salary
    earn, make, fetch, bring in, yield, net, gross, return, produce;
    command, attract
  • Phrases

    bring about
    the events that brought about her death
    formal effectuate
    bring around
  • 1.1 she administered CPR and brought him around
    wake up, return to consciousness, rouse, bring to
  • 2.1 we would have brought him around, given time
    persuade, convince, win over, sway, influence
  • bring back
  • 1.1 the smell brought back memories
    remind one of, put one in mind of, bring/call to mind, conjure up, evoke, summon up
  • 2.1 bring back the rule of law
    reintroduce, reinstate, reestablish, revive, resurrect
  • bring down
  • 1.1 he was brought down by his own teammate
    trip, knock over, knock down;
  • 2.1 I couldn't bear to bring her down
    depress, sadden, upset, get down, dispirit, dishearten, discourage
  • 3.1 we will bring down the price
    decrease, reduce, lower, cut, drop
    informal slash
  • 4.1 the unrest brought down the government
  • bring forward
    why wasn't this brought forward at the last meeting?
    propose, suggest, advance, raise, present, move, submit, lodge
    bring in
    the event brings in a million dollars each year See sense 5
    bring on
    what could have brought on this fever? See bring about
    bring out
  • 1.1 they were bringing out a new magazine
    publish, print, issue, produce
  • 2.1 the shawl brings out the color of your eyes
    accentuate, highlight, emphasize, accent, set off
  • bring oneself to
    she could not bring herself to complain
    force oneself to, make oneself, bear to
    bring up
  • 1.1 she and Lenny brought up her brother's four children
    rear, raise, care for, look after, nurture, provide for;
  • 2.1 I wonder if he'll bring up the matter of the grocery bill
    mention, allude to, touch on, raise, broach, introduce;
    voice, air, suggest, propose, submit, put forward, bring forward
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