Synonyms of broad in English:



  • 1 a broad flight of steps
    [Antonyms] narrow
  • 2 the leaves are two inches broad
    wide, across, in breadth, in width
  • 3 a broad expanse of prairie
    extensive, vast, immense, great, spacious, expansive, sizable, sweeping, rolling
  • 4 a broad range of opportunities
    comprehensive, inclusive, extensive, wide, all-embracing, eclectic, unlimited
    [Antonyms] limited
  • 5 this report gives a broad outline
    general, nonspecific, unspecific, rough, approximate, basic;
    loose, vague
    [Antonyms] detailed
  • 6 a broad hint
    obvious, unsubtle, explicit, direct, plain, clear, straightforward, bald, patent, transparent, undisguised, overt
    [Antonyms] subtle
  • 7 a broad Texas accent
    pronounced, noticeable, strong, thick
    [Antonyms] slight
  • 8 he was attacked in broad daylight
    full, complete, total;
    clear, bright
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