Synonyms of brush in English:

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brush 1


  • 1 a styling brush camel-hair brushes a brush and dustpan
  • 2 he gave the seat a brush with his hand
    sweep, wipe, dust
  • 3 the brush of his lips against her cheek
    touch, stroke, skim, graze, nudge, contact;
  • 4 a brush with the law
    encounter, clash, confrontation, conflict, altercation, incident
    informal run-in
  • verb

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  • 1 she brushed her hair
    groom, comb, neaten, tidy, smooth, arrange, fix, do;
  • 2 she felt his lips brush her cheek
    touch, stroke, caress, skim, sweep, graze, contact;
  • 3 she brushed a wisp of hair away
    push, move, sweep, clear
  • Phrases

    brush something aside
    she brushed aside his repeated warnings
    overlook, pay no attention to, take no notice of, neglect, forget about, turn a blind eye to, turn a deaf ear to;
    reject, spurn;
    laugh off, make light of, trivialize
    informal pooh-pooh
    brush someone off
    he tried to help, but she brushed him off
    rebuff, dismiss, spurn, reject;
    ignore, disregard, snub, turn one's back on, give someone the cold shoulder, freeze out;
    jilt, cast aside, discard
    brush up (on)
    I'm brushing up on my French before our trip to Paris
    relearn, read up (on), go over, study;
    improve, sharpen (up), polish up;
    hone, refine, perfect
    informal bone up (on)
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    Synonyms of brush in English:

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    brush 2


  • 1 the pheasant scampered into the brush
    thicket, copse
    rare boscage
  • Definition of brush in:
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