Synonyms of brush in English:



  • 1 a styling brush camel-hair brushes a brush and dustpan
  • 2 he gave the seat a brush with his hand
    sweep, wipe, dust
  • 3 the brush of his lips against her cheek
    touch, stroke, skim, graze, nudge, contact; kiss
  • 4 a brush with the law
    encounter, clash, confrontation, conflict, altercation, incident
    informal run-in
  • verb

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  • 1 she brushed her hair
    groom, comb, neaten, tidy, smooth, arrange, fix, do; curry
  • 2 she felt his lips brush her cheek
    touch, stroke, caress, skim, sweep, graze, contact; kiss
  • 3 she brushed a wisp of hair away
    push, move, sweep, clear
  • Phrases

    brush something aside

    she brushed aside his repeated warningsdisregardignoredismissshrug offwave asideoverlookpay no attention totake no notice ofneglectforget aboutturn a blind eye toturn a deaf ear torejectspurnlaugh offmake light oftrivialize informalpooh-pooh

    brush someone off

    he tried to help, but she brushed him offrebuffdismissspurnrejectslightscorndisdainignoredisregardsnubturn one's back ongive someone the cold shoulderfreeze outjiltcast asidediscard

    brush up (on)

    I'm brushing up on my French before our trip to Parisrelearnread up (on)go overstudyimprovesharpen (up)polish uphonerefineperfect informalbone up (on)

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    Synonyms of brush in English:



  • 1 the pheasant scampered into the brush
  • Definition of brush in: