Synonyms of bunch in English:



  • 1 a bunch of flowers
    wreath, garland
  • 2 a bunch of grapes a bunch of keys
    group, assemblage
  • 3 informal we invited the whole bunch
  • 4 informal I bought a bunch of used books
    an assortment of, a bundle of, a collection of;
    many, lots of, a lot of, loads of, a load of, tons of, a ton of, an abundance of
    informal a bucketload of, a buttload of
    vulgar slang a shitload of
  • verb

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  • 1 he bunched the reins in his hand
    bundle, clump, cluster, group, gather;
  • 2 her skirt bunched at the waist
    gather, ruffle, pucker, fold, pleat
  • 3 the runners bunched up behind him
    cluster, huddle, gather, congregate, collect, amass, group, crowd
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