Synonyms of bust in English:



  • 1 an empire waistline accentuates the bust
  • 2 a bust of Caesar
    sculpture, carving, effigy, statue;
    head and shoulders
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    Synonyms of bust in English:




  • 1 I didn't mean to bust your DVD player
    break, smash, fracture, shatter, crack, disintegrate, snap;
    split, burst
  • 2 he promised to bust the counterfeit ring
    overthrow, destroy, topple, bring down, ruin, break, overturn, overcome, defeat, get rid of, oust, dislodge
  • 3 they were busted for drugs See arrest (sense 1) of the verb)
  • noun

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  • 1 a cache of guns was discovered in the bust
    raid, search
    informal takedown, shakedown
  • Phrases

    go bust

    their flower shop went bust
    fail, collapse, fold, go under, founder;
    go bankrupt, go into receivership, go into liquidation, be wound up
    informal crash, go broke, go belly up, flop, bomb

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