Synonyms of butt in English:



  • 1 the butt of a joke
    target, victim, object, subject, dupe; laughingstock
  • 2 the butt of a gun
  • 3 a cigarette butt
    stub, end, tail end, stump, remnant
  • 4 informal sitting on his butt See buttocks
  • verb

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  • 1 the shop butts up against the house
    adjoin, abut, be next to, be adjacent to, border (on), be connected to; join, touch
  • 2 students butting everyone with their backpacks
    ram, headbutt, bunt; bump, buffet, push, shove
  • Phrases

    butt in

    I've asked you not to butt in when your father and I are talkinginterruptbreak incut inchime ininterjectinterveneinterfereinterpose informalpoke one's nose input one's oar in

    Definition of butt in:

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