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Synonyms of charge in English:


  • 1 he didn't charge much
    ask in payment, ask, levy, demand, want, exact;
    bill, invoice
  • 2 the subscription will be charged to your account
    bill, debit from, take from
  • 3 two men were charged with theft
    accuse of, indict for, arraign for, arraign on a charge of;
    prosecute for, try for, put on trial for, inculpate for
  • 4 they charged him with reforming the system
    entrust, burden, encumber, saddle, tax
  • 5 the cavalry charged the tanks
    attack, storm, assault, assail, fall on, swoop on, descend on
    informal lay into, tear into
  • 6 we charged into the crowd
    rush, storm, stampede, push, plow, launch oneself, go headlong, steam, barrel, zoom
  • 7 his work was charged with energy
  • 8 I charge you to stop
    formal adjure
    literary bid
  • noun

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  • 1 all customers pay a charge
    fee, payment, price, tariff, amount, sum, fare, levy
  • 2 he pleaded guilty to the charge
  • 3 an infantry charge
  • 4 the child was in her charge
  • 5 his charge was to save the business
    informal marching orders
  • 6 the safety of my charge
    ward, protégé, dependent
  • 7 the judge gave a careful charge to the jury
  • 8 informal I get a real charge out of working hard
    thrill, tingle, glow;
    excitement, stimulation, enjoyment, pleasure
    informal kick, buzz, rush
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    It looks dull but it’s wonderfully diverse. The noun form alone contains sixteen definitions, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, among them these two: that of a duty, or responsibility ( Cara’s main charge was to raise the two boys properly); and that of an accusation ( Cara was charged with two counts of infanticide). In the first instance, the subject is elected; in the second, damned. Like John Gardner’s distinction that all fiction falls into one of two categories (the hero goes on a quest or a stranger comes to town), the word charge neatly situates fiction into the elected or the damned. The best fiction does both. Dante is charged with touring hell, to survey the diverse and sundry charged; Humbert Humbert’s charge leads to the damnable charges of which he is clearly guilty; Hamlet charges himself with inaction, cowardice, and insanity until at last he executes his charge.
    Joshua Ferris


    in charge of
    I'm in charge of museum security
    responsible for, in control of, in command of, at the helm/wheel of;
    managing, running, administering, directing, supervising, overseeing, controlling
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