Synonyms of chip in English:



  • 1 wood chips
  • 2 a chip in the glass
    nick, crack, scratch, notch; flaw, fault
  • 3chiefly British fish and chips
  • 4 gambling chips
    counter, token, check
  • verb

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  • 1 a stone chipped my windshield
    nick, crack, scratch; damage
  • 2 the plaster had chipped
    break (off), crack, crumble
  • 3 chip the flint to the required shape
    whittle, hew, chisel, carve
  • Phrases

    chip away at

    chipping away at their defenseserodewear downwear awaywhittle downcorrodegnaw away at

    chip in

    we can afford the new dishwasher if everybody chips incontributemake a contributionmake a donationpay informalfork outshell outcough upkick in

    Definition of chip in:

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