Synonyms of clip in English:

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clip 1


  • 1 a briefcase clip
    fastener, clasp, hasp, catch, hook, buckle, lock
  • 2 a mother-of-pearl clip
  • 3 his clip was empty
    magazine, cartridge, cylinder
  • verb

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  • 1 he clipped the pages together
    fasten, attach, fix, join;
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    Synonyms of clip in English:

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    clip 2


  • 1 I clipped the hedge
    trim, prune, cut, snip, shorten, crop, shear, pare;
    neaten, shape
  • 2 clip the coupon below
    remove, cut out, snip out, tear out, detach
  • 3 his trailer clipped a parked van
    hit, strike, touch, graze, glance off, run into
  • 4 Mom clipped his ear
  • noun

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  • 1 I gave the dog a clip
  • 2 a film clip
    extract, excerpt, snippet, cutting, fragment;
  • 3 informal a clip to the ear
    smack, cuff, slap
    informal clout, whack, wallop, sock
  • 4 informal the truck went at a good clip
    speed, rate, pace, velocity
    informal lick
  • Phrases

    clip someone's wings
    if you try to clip her wings, neither one of you will ever be happy
    restrict someone's freedom, impose limits on, keep under control, stand in the way of;
    obstruct, impede, frustrate, thwart, fetter, hamstring, handcuff
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