Synonyms of close in English:



  • 1 the town is close to Paris
    near, adjacent to; in the vicinity of, in the neighborhood of, within reach of; neighboring, adjoining, abutting, alongside, on the doorstep, a stone's throw (away) from/to, 'a hop, skip, and a jump from'; nearby, at close quarters to
    informal within spitting distance from/to
    archaic nigh to
    [Antonyms] far distant
  • 2 flying in close formation
    dense, compact, tight, close-packed, packed, solid; crowded, cramped, congested
    [Antonyms] sparse
  • 3 I was close to tears
    near, on the verge of, on the brink of, on the point of
  • 4 a very close match
    evenly matched, even, with nothing to choose between them, neck and neck
    informal even-steven
    [Antonyms] one-sided
  • 5 close relatives
    immediate, direct, near
    [Antonyms] distant
  • 6 close friends
    intimate, dear, bosom; close-knit, tight-knit, inseparable, attached, devoted, faithful; special, good, best, fast, firm
    informal (as) thick as thieves
    [Antonyms] casual
  • 7 a close resemblance
    strong, marked, distinct, pronounced
    [Antonyms] slight
  • 8 a close examination
    careful, detailed, thorough, minute, searching, painstaking, meticulous, rigorous, scrupulous, conscientious; attentive, focused
    [Antonyms] casual
  • 9 keep a close eye on them
    vigilant, watchful, keen, alert
  • 10 a close translation
    strict, faithful, exact, precise, literal; word for word, verbatim
    [Antonyms] loose
  • 11 the weather was hot and close
    [Antonyms] fresh
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    Synonyms of close in English:



  • 1 she closed the door
    shut, pull (shut), push (shut), slam; fasten, secure
    [Antonyms] open
  • 2 close the hole
    block (up/off), stop up, plug, seal (up/off), shut up/off, cork, stopper, bung (up); clog (up), choke, obstruct
    [Antonyms] open unblock
  • 3 the enemy was closing fast
    catch up, close in, creep up, near, approach, gain on someone
  • 4 the gap is closing
    narrow, reduce, shrink, lessen, get smaller, diminish, contract
    [Antonyms] widen
  • 5 his arms closed around her
    meet, join, connect; form a circle
  • 6 he closed the meeting
    end, conclude, finish, terminate, wind up, break off, halt, discontinue, dissolve; adjourn, suspend
    [Antonyms] open begin
  • 7 the factory is to close
    shut down, close down, cease production, cease trading, go out of business, go bankrupt, go into receivership, go into liquidation
    informal fold, go bust
    [Antonyms] open
  • 8 he closed a deal
    clinch, settle, secure, seal, confirm, establish; transact, pull off; complete, conclude, fix, agree, finalize
    informal wrap up
  • noun

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  • 1 the close of the talks
    [Antonyms] beginning
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