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Synonyms of color in English:


  • 1 the lights changed color
    hue, shade, tint, tone, coloration
  • 2 oil color
    paint, pigment, colorant, dye, stain, tint, wash
  • 3 the color in her cheeks
  • 4 people of every color
    skin coloring, skin tone, coloring;
  • 5 anecdotes add color to the text
    vividness, life, liveliness, vitality, excitement, interest, richness, zest, spice, piquancy, impact, force
    informal oomph, pizzazz, punch, kick
    literary salt
  • 6 the regimental colors See flag1 (noun)
  • verb

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  • 1 the wood was colored blue
    tint, dye, stain, paint, pigment, wash
  • 2 she colored
    blush, redden, go pink, go red, flush
  • 3 the experience colored her outlook
    influence, affect, taint, warp, skew, distort, bias, prejudice
  • 4 they color evidence to make a story sell
    exaggerate, overstate, embroider, embellish, dramatize, enhance, varnish;
    falsify, misreport, manipulate
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    chromatic relating to color
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