Synonyms of come in English:



  • 1 come and listen
    move nearer, move closer, approach, advance, draw close/closer, draw near/nearer; proceed
    archaic draw nigh
    [Antonyms] go away
  • 2 they came last night
    arrive, get here/there, make it, appear, come on the scene; approach, enter, turn up, come along, materialize
    informal show (up), roll in/up, blow in, show one's face
    [Antonyms] leave
  • 3 they came to a stream
    reach, arrive at, get to, make it to; come across, run across, happen on/upon, chance on/upon, come upon, stumble on/upon; end up at, wind up at
  • 4 the dress comes to her ankles
    extend to, stretch to, reach, come as far as
  • 5 she comes from Italy
    be from, be a native of, hail from, originate in; live in, reside in
  • 6 attacks came without warning
  • 7 the shoes come in black and brown
    be available, be for sale; be made, be produced
  • Phrases

    come about

    the change came about in the late 1980shappenoccurtake placetranspirefallcrop upmaterializearisearriveappearsurfaceensuefollow literarycome to passbefall

    come across

  • 1.1 they came across his friends
    meet/find by chance, meet, run into, run across, come upon, chance on/upon, stumble on/upon, happen on/upon; discover, encounter, find, locate
    informal bump into
  • 2.1 the emotion comes across
    be communicated, be perceived, get across, be clear, be understood, register, sink in, strike home
  • 3.1 she came across as cool
    seem, appear, look, sound, look to be
  • come along

  • 1.1 the puppies are coming along nicely
    progress, develop, shape up; come on, turn out; improve, get better, pick up, rally, recover
  • 2.1 come along!
    hurry (up), be quick, get a move on, come on, look lively, speed up, move faster
    dated make haste
  • come apart

    if the straw is too short, the bales will come apartbreak apartbreak upfall to bits/piecesfall apartdisintegratecome unstuckseparatesplittear

    come around

  • 1.1 the smelling salts helped him come around
    regain consciousness, recover consciousness, come to, come to one's senses, recover, revive, awake, wake up
  • 2.1 I came around to her view
    be converted to, be won over by, agree with, change one's mind to, be persuaded by; give way to, yield to, relent to
  • 3.1 Friday the 13th comes around every few months
    occur, take place, happen, come up, crop up, arise; recur, reoccur, return, reappear
  • 4.1 come around for a drink
    visit, stop by, drop by/in/over, come over, pop in/over
  • come back

    are you coming back before dinner?returnget backarrive homecome homecome again

    come between

    I let my drinking come between me and my familyalienateestrangeseparatedividesplit upbreak updisuniteset at odds

    come by

    where did you ever come by such a magnificent horse?obtainacquiregaingetfindpick upprocuresecurebuypurchase informalget one's hands onget hold ofbagscoreswing

    come down

    the report comes down against a zoning variance in the wetlandsdecideconcludesettlechooseoptplump

    come down on

    she came down on him like a ton of bricks See reprimand (verb)

    come down to

    it comes down to two choices: stay in school or find another place to liveamount toadd up toconstituteboil down tobe equivalent to

    come down with

    the whole family has come down with chickenpoxfall ill withfall sick withbe taken ill withshow symptoms ofbecome infected withgetcatchdevelopcontractfall victim to

    come forward

    Vera is always the first to come forwardvolunteeroffer one's servicesmake oneself available

    come in

    you can't come in without a passentergain admissioncross the threshold

    come into

    Jerry came into a small fortune when his grandfather diedinheritbe leftbe willedbe bequeathed

    come off

    if you make this meeting come off, you're probably looking at a promotionsucceedworkturn out wellwork outgo as plannedproduce the desired resultget results

    come on

    the new bookcases are coming on nicelyprogressdevelopshape uptake shapecome alongturn outimprove

    come out

  • 1.1 it came out that he'd been to Rome
    become known, become apparent, come to light, emerge, transpire; get out, be discovered, be uncovered, be revealed, leak out, be disclosed
  • 2.1 my book is coming out
    be published, be issued, be released, be brought out, be printed, go on sale
  • 3.1 the flowers have come out
    bloom, flower, open
  • 4.1 it will come out all right
    end, finish, conclude, work out, turn out
    informal pan out
  • 5.1 the councilman came out voluntarily
    disclose one's homosexuality
    informal come out of the closet
  • come out with

    I didn't really mean to come out with those stupid remarksuttersaylet outblurt outburst out withissuepresent

    come through

  • 1.1 we came through it OK
    survive, get through, ride out, weather, live through, pull through; withstand, stand up to, endure, surmount, overcome
    informal stick out
  • 2.1 you came through for us
  • come to

  • 1.1 the bill came to $17.50
    amount to, add up to, total, run to, equal
  • 2.1 I came to in the ambulance
    regain consciousness, recover consciousness, come around, come to one's senses, recover, revive, awake, wake up
  • come up

    whatever comes up, we'll be readyariseoccurhappencome abouttranspireemergesurfacecrop upturn uppop up

    come up to

  • 1.1 she came up to his shoulder
    reach, come to, be as tall as, extend to
  • 2.1 he never came up to her expectations
    measure up to, match up to, live up to, fulfill, satisfy, meet, equal, compare with; be good enough for
    informal hold a candle to
  • come up with

    Miranda has come up with a terrific ideaproducedevisethink upproposeput forwardsubmitsuggestrecommendadvocateintroducemoot

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