Synonyms of compare in English:



  • 1 we compared the data sets
    contrast, juxtapose, collate, differentiate
  • 2 he was compared to Wagner
    liken to, equate to, analogize to; class with, set side by side with
  • 3 the porcelain compares with Dresden's fine china
    be as good as, be comparable to, bear comparison with, be the equal of, match up to, be on a par with, be in the same league as, come close to, hold a candle to, be not unlike; match, resemble, emulate, rival, approach
  • Phrases

    beyond compare

    their peach cobbler is beyond comparewithout equalsecond to nonein a class of one's ownpeerlessmatchlessunmatchedincomparableinimitablesupremeoutstandingconsummateuniquesingularperfect

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