Synonyms of consider in English:



  • 1 Isabel considered her choices
    think about, contemplate, reflect on, examine, review; mull over, ponder, deliberate on, chew over, meditate on, ruminate on; assess, evaluate, appraise
    informal size up
  • 2 I consider him irresponsible
    deem, think, believe, judge, adjudge, rate, count, find; regard as, hold to be, reckon to be, view as, see as
  • 4 the inquiry will consider those issues
    take into consideration, take account of, make allowances for, bear in mind, be mindful of, remember, mind, mark, respect, heed, note, make provision for
    [Antonyms] ignore
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    Word of the day ween
    Pronunciation: wiːn
    be of the opinion; think or suppose