Synonyms of corner in English:



  • 1 the cart lurched around the corner
    bend, curve, crook, dog-leg;
    turn, turning, jog, junction, fork, intersection;
  • 2 a charming corner of Italy
  • 3 he found himself in a tight corner
    predicament, plight, tight spot, mess, can of worms, muddle, difficulty, problem, dilemma, quandary
    informal pickle, jam, stew, fix, hole, hot water, bind
  • verb

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  • 1 he was eventually cornered by police dogs
    drive into a corner, bring to bay, cut off, block off, trap, hem in, pen in, surround, enclose;
    capture, catch
  • 2 crime syndicates have cornered the stolen car market
    gain control of, take over, control, dominate, monopolize;
    informal sew up
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