Synonyms of cost in English:



  • 1 the cost of the equipment
    price, asking price, market price, selling price, unit price, fee, tariff, fare, toll, levy, charge, rental; value, valuation, quotation, rate, worth
    informal, humorous damage
  • 2 the human cost of the conflict
    sacrifice, loss, expense, penalty, toll, price
  • 3 (costs) we need to make $10,000 to cover our costs
    expenses, disbursements, overheads, running costs, operating costs, fixed costs; expenditure, spending, outlay
  • verb

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  • 1 the chair costs $186
    be priced at, sell for, be valued at, fetch, come to, amount to
    informal set someone back, go for
  • 2 the proposal has not yet been costed
    put a price on, price, value, put a value on, put a figure on
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