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Synonyms of country in English:


  • 1 foreign countries
    nation, (sovereign) state, kingdom, realm, territory, province, principality, palatinate, duchy
  • 2 he risked his life for his country
    homeland, native land, fatherland, motherland, the land of one's fathers
  • 3 every election year, these guys claim to know what the country wants
    the people, the public, the population, the populace, citizenry, the nation, the body politic;
    the electors, the voters, the taxpayers, the grass roots
    informal John Q. Public, Joe Blow, Joe Schmo
  • 4 thickly forested country
    terrain, land, territory, parts;
    landscape, scenery, setting, surroundings, environment
  • 5 she hated living in the country
    countryside, greenbelt, great outdoors;
    rural areas, back
  • 6
    woods, back of beyond, hinterland, bush, backcountry
    informal sticks, middle of nowhere, boondocks, boonies
    Australian  outback
  • adjective

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  • 1 country pursuits
    rural, countryside, outdoor, rustic, pastoral, bucolic
    literary sylvan, Arcadian, georgic
    [Antonyms] urban
  • Quote

    England and America are two countries divided by a common language.
    George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright

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