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  • 1 she covered her face with a towel
    protect, shield, shelter; hide, conceal, veil
    she covered her face with a towel
    [Antonyms] expose reveal
  • 5 the trial was covered by several newspapers
    report on, write about, describe, commentate on, publish/broadcast details of
  • 6 he turned on the radio to cover the noise of the air conditioner
    mask, disguise, hide, camouflage, muffle, block out, stifle, smother
  • 7 I'm covering for Jill
    stand in for, fill in for, deputize for, take over from, relieve, take the place of, sit in for, understudy, hold the fort
    informal sub for, pinch-hit for
  • 8 can you make enough to cover your costs?
    pay (for), be enough for, fund, finance; pay back, make up for, offset
  • 9 your home is covered against damage and loss
    insure, protect, secure, underwrite, assure, indemnify
  • 10 we covered ten miles each day
    travel, journey, go, do, traverse


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  • 8 on weekends there's a cover to get in the bar
    cover charge, entry charge, entrance fee, admission charge, price of admission


cover up

they allegedly tried to cover up the accidental shooting concealhidekeep secrethush updraw a veil oversuppresssweep under the carpetgloss overkeep dark informalwhitewashkeep a/the lid on

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