Synonyms of curl in English:



  • 1 smoke curled up from his cigarette
    spiral, coil, wreathe, twirl, swirl;
    wind, curve, bend, twist, twist and turn, loop, meander, snake, corkscrew, zigzag
  • 2 Ruth curled her arms around his neck
    wind, twine, entwine, wrap
  • 3 she washed and curled my hair
    crimp, perm, wave
  • 4 they curled up together on the sofa
    nestle, snuggle, cuddle
  • noun

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  • 1 the tangled curls of her hair
    ringlet, corkscrew, kink, wave
  • 2 a curl of smoke
    spiral, coil, twirl, swirl, twist, corkscrew, curlicue, helix
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