Synonyms of current in English:



  • 1 current events
    contemporary, present-day, modern, present, contemporaneous; topical, in the news, live, burning; bloggable
    [Antonyms] past
  • 2 the idea is still current
    prevalent, prevailing, common, accepted, in circulation, circulating, on everyone's lips, popular, widespread
    [Antonyms] obsolete
  • 3 a current driver's license
    valid, usable, up-to-date
    [Antonyms] expired
  • 4 the current prime minister
    incumbent, present, in office, in power; reigning
    [Antonyms] past former
  • noun

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  • 1 a current of air
    flow, stream, backdraft, slipstream; airstream, thermal, updraft, draft; undercurrent, undertow, tide
  • 2 the current of human life
    course, progress, progression, flow, tide, movement
  • 3 the current of opinion
    trend, drift, direction, tendency
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