Synonyms of date in English:



  • 1 the only date he has to remember
    day, day of the month, occasion, time; year; anniversary
  • 2 a later date is suggested for this artifact
  • 3 a lunch date
  • 4 informal he's my date for tonight
    partner, escort, girlfriend, boyfriend, steady
    informal plus-one
  • verb

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  • 1 the sculpture can be dated accurately
    assign a date to, ascertain the date of, put a date on
  • 2 the building dates from the sixteenth century
    was made in, was built in, originates in, comes from, belongs to, goes back to
  • 3 the best films don't date
    become old-fashioned, become outmoded, become dated, show its age
  • 4 informal he's dating Jill
    go out with, take out, go around with, be involved with, see, go steady with
    dated woo, court
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    chronological relating to dates


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    this is all the information we have to dateso farthus faryetas yetup to nowtill nowuntil nowup to the present (time)hitherto

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