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Synonyms of depressed in English:


  • 2 a depressed economy
    weak, enervated, devitalized, impaired;
    [Antonyms] strong
  • 3 depressed prices
    reduced, low, cut, cheap, marked down, discounted, discount
    informal slashed
    [Antonyms] inflated
  • 4 a depressed part of town
    poverty-stricken, poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged, deprived, needy, distressed;
    run-down, slummy
    [Antonyms] prosperous
  • 5 the removal of the tree left a depressed patch of ground
    [Antonyms] raised
  • Reflections


    Surely this is one of the most overworked words in American English. Who isn't depressed? Maybe those who are despondent, dispirited, dejected, disconsolate, downhearted, or filled with despair. Not to mention the poor souls who are under a cloud, down in the dumps, or even prostrate with grief. The scholarly among us frequently suffer from accidie, those crossed in love normally feel heartbroken, and the spiritually injured know that they have a right to sing the blues. Melancholy or wistful always sounds rather attractive, and forlorn even more so. Glum possesses a no-nonsense bluntness, while the poetically doleful may easily grow disgustingly lachrymose. Long-faced suggests a temporary condition, but morose describes a personality type. The mournful tend to be a bit histrionic, while those with sorrows deserve our sympathy—unless they're secret sorrows, which are the purview of Byronic wanderers. The listless express their sadness physically, teenagers are mopey, and cheerless calls to mind a tawdry hotel room with a black rotary phone next to a spongy bed. Woebegone has been usurped, with slightly different spelling, by a town in Minnesota, just as haunted houses and February own all the rights to gloomy. But don't be crestfallen: The synonyms for depressed are many and nuanced. We should rouse ourselves from the doldrums and use more of them.
    Michael Dirda
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