Synonyms of detach in English:



  • 1 he detached the lamp from its bracket
    unfasten, disconnect, disengage, separate, uncouple, remove, loose, unhitch, unhook, free, pull off, cut off, break off
    [Antonyms] attach
  • Phrases

    detach oneself from

  • 1.1 she detached herself from the crowd
    free oneself from, separate oneself from, segregate oneself from; move away from, split off from; leave, abandon
  • 2.1 he has detached himself from his family
    dissociate oneself from, divorce oneself from, alienate oneself from, separate (oneself) from, segregate oneself from, isolate oneself from, cut oneself off from; break away from, disaffiliate oneself from, defect from; leave, quit, withdraw from, break with
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