Synonyms of devour in English:



  • 1 he devoured his meal
    eat hungrily, eat greedily, gobble (up/down), guzzle, gulp (down), bolt (down), gorge oneself on, wolf (down), feast on, consume, eat up
    informal demolish, dispose of, make short work of, polish off, shovel down, stuff oneself with, pig out on, put away
    informal scarf (down/up)
  • 2 flames devoured the house
    consume, engulf, envelop;
    destroy, demolish, lay waste, devastate;
    gut, ravage, ruin, wreck
  • 3 he was devoured by remorse
    afflict, plague, bedevil, trouble, harrow, rack;
    consume, swallow up, overcome, overwhelm
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