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Synonyms of dig in English:


  • 1 she began to dig the heavy clay soil
    turn over, work, break up;
    till, harrow, plow, shovel
  • 2 he took a spade and dug a hole
    excavate, dig out, quarry, hollow out, scoop out, gouge out;
    cut, bore, tunnel, burrow, mine
  • 3 the bodies were hastily dug up
    exhume, disinter, unearth
  • 4 Winnie dug her elbow into his ribs
  • 5 he'd been digging into my past
    delve into, probe into, search into, inquire into, look into, investigate, research, examine, scrutinize, check up on
    informal check out
  • 6 I dug up some disturbing information
    uncover, discover, find (out), unearth, dredge up, root out, ferret out, turn up, reveal, bring to light, expose
  • 7 informal,, dated I dig talking with him See enjoy (sense 1)
  • noun

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  • 1 a dig in the ribs
    poke, prod, jab, stab, shove, push
  • 2 informal they're always making digs at each other
    snide remark, cutting remark, jibe, jeer, taunt, sneer, insult, barb, insinuation
    informal wisecrack, crack, put-down
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