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Synonyms of disgrace in English:


  • 1 he brought disgrace on the family
    dishonor, shame, discredit, ignominy, degradation, disrepute, ill repute, infamy, scandal, stigma, opprobrium, obloquy, condemnation, vilification, contempt, disrespect;
    humiliation, embarrassment, loss of face
    [Antonyms] honor
  • 2 the unemployment figures are a disgrace
    scandal, outrage;
    discredit, reproach, affront, insult;
    stain, blemish, blot, black mark
    informalcrime, sin
    [Antonyms] credit
  • verb

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  • 1 you have disgraced the family name
    bring shame on, shame, dishonor, discredit, bring into disrepute, degrade, debase, defame, stigmatize, taint, sully, tarnish, besmirch, stain, blacken, drag through the mud/mire
    [Antonyms] honor
  • 2 he was publicly disgraced
    discredit, dishonor, stigmatize;
    humiliate, cause to lose face, chasten, humble, demean, put someone in their place, take down a peg or two, cut down to size
    [Antonyms] honor
  • Phrases

    in disgrace

    Benjamin couldn't bear to return home in disgrace
    out of favor, unpopular, under a cloud, disgraced

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