Synonyms of do in English:



  • 1 she does most of the manual work
    carry out, undertake, discharge, execute, perform, accomplish, achieve; bring about/off, engineer
    informal pull off
    formal effectuate
  • 2 they can do as they please
  • 3 regular coffee will do
    suffice, be adequate, be satisfactory, fill/fit the bill, serve one's purpose, meet one's needs
  • 4 the boys will do the dinner
    prepare, make, get ready, see to, arrange, organize, be responsible for, be in charge of
    informal fix
  • 5 the company is doing a new range of footwear a portrait I am doing
    make, create, produce, turn out, design, manufacture; paint, draw, sketch
    informal knock off
  • 6 each room was done in a different color
    decorate, furnish, ornament, deck out, trick out
    informal do up
  • 7 the maid did her hair
    style, arrange, adjust; brush, comb, wash, dry, cut
    informal fix
  • 8 I am doing a show to raise money
    put on, present, produce; perform in, act in, take part in, participate in
  • 9 you've done me a favor
    grant, pay, render, give
  • 10 show me how to do these equations
    work out, figure out, calculate; solve, resolve
  • 11 she's doing archaeology
    study, learn, take a course in
  • 12 what does he do?
    have as a job, have as a profession, be employed at, earn a living at
  • 13 he is doing well at college
    get on/along, progress, fare, manage, cope; succeed, prosper
  • 14 he was doing 25 mph over the speed limit
    drive at, travel at, move at
  • 15 the cyclists do 30 kilometers per day
    travel (over), journey, cover, traverse, achieve, notch up, log
    informal chalk up
  • 16 informal we're doing Scotland this summer
    visit, tour, sightsee in
  • noun

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  • 1 informal he invited us to a grand do
    party, reception, gathering, celebration, function, after-party, social event/occasion, social, soirée
    informal bash, shindig
  • Phrases

    do away with

  • 1.1 they want to do away with the old customs
    abolish, get rid of, discard, remove, eliminate, discontinue, stop, end, terminate, put an end to, put a stop to, dispense with, drop, abandon, give up
    informal scrap, ditch, dump, deep-six
  • 2.1 informal she tried to do away with her husband See kill (sense 1) of the verb)
  • do in

  • 1.1 the poor devil's been done in See kill (sense 1) of the verb)
  • 2.1 the long walk home did me in
    wear out, tire out, exhaust, fatigue, weary, overtire, drain
    informal take it out of
  • 3.1 I did my back in
    injure, hurt, damage
  • do out of

    informal she nearly succeeded in doing Martin out of his inheritanceswindle out ofcheat out oftrick out ofdeprive of informalcon out ofdiddle out of

    do up

  • 1.1 she did up her bootlace
    fasten, tie (up), lace, knot; make fast, secure
  • 2.1 informal he's had his house done up
    renovate, refurbish, refit, redecorate, decorate, revamp, make over, modernize, improve, spruce up, smarten up
    informal give something a facelift, rehab, tart up, pimp
  • do without

    we learned to do without many of the luxuries we had become accustomed toforgodispense withabstain fromrefrain fromeschewgive upcut outrenouncemanage without formalforswear

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