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Synonyms of dress in English:


  • 1 he dressed quickly
    put on clothes, clothe oneself, get dressed
  • 2 she was dressed in a suit
    clothe, attire, garb, deck out, trick out, costume, array, robe
    informal get up, doll up
  • 3 they dress for dinner every day
    wear formal clothes, wear evening dress, dress up
  • 4 dressing the house for the holidays
  • 5 they dressed his wounds
    bandage, cover, bind, wrap, swathe;
    doctor, care for
  • 6 dress the chicken
    prepare, get ready;
  • 7 the field was dressed with manure
  • 8 he dressed Michelle's hair
    style, groom, arrange, do;
    comb, brush;
    preen, primp
    informal fix
  • 9 Military the battalion dressed its ranks
    line up, align, straighten, arrange, order, dispose;
    fall in
  • noun

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  • 1 a long blue dress
    gown, robe, shift, frock
  • 2 fancy dress
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    sartorial relating to clothes or a person's style of dress


    dress down
  • 1.1 even the execs dress down on Fridays
    dress informally, dress casually
  • 2.1 never dress down an employee in front of his colleagues See reprimand (verb)
  • dress up
  • 1.1 Angela loved dressing up
    dress smartly, dress formally, wear evening dress
    informal doll oneself up, put on one's glad rags, gussy oneself up
  • 2.1 Hugh dressed up as Santa Claus
    disguise oneself, dress;
    put on fancy dress, put on a costume
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