Synonyms of ease in English:



  • 1 he defeated them all with ease
    effortlessness, no trouble, simplicity; deftness, adroitness, proficiency, mastery
    [Antonyms] difficulty
  • 2 his ease of manner
    [Antonyms] stiffness formality
  • 3 he couldn't find any ease
    [Antonyms] trouble disturbance
  • 4 a life of ease
    affluence, wealth, prosperity, luxury, plenty; comfort, contentment, enjoyment, well-being
    [Antonyms] poverty hardship
  • verb

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  • 1 the alcohol eased his pain
    relieve, alleviate, mitigate, soothe, palliate, moderate, dull, deaden, numb; reduce, lighten, diminish
    [Antonyms] aggravate
  • 2 the rain eased off
    abate, subside, die down, let up, slack off, diminish, lessen, peter out, relent, come to an end
    [Antonyms] worsen
  • 3 work helped to ease her mind
    calm, pacify, soothe, comfort, console, quieten; hearten, gladden, uplift, encourage
  • 4 we want to ease their adjustment
    facilitate, expedite, assist, help, aid, advance, further, forward, simplify
    [Antonyms] hinder
  • 5 he eased out the cork
    guide, maneuver, inch, edge; slide, slip, squeeze
  • Phrases

    at ease/at one's ease

    she felt completely at ease in their mountain retreatrelaxedcalmserenetranquilunworriedcontentedcontenthappycomfortable

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