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Synonyms of effect in English:


  • 1 the effect of these changes
    end result, conclusion, culmination, corollary, concomitant, aftermath;
    fruit(s), product, by-product, payoff;
    Medicine  sequela
    [Antonyms] cause
  • 2 the effect of the drug
    impact, action, effectiveness, influence;
    power, potency, strength;
    formal efficacy
  • 3 the new rules come into effect tomorrow
    force, operation, enforcement, implementation, effectiveness;
    validity, lawfulness, legality, legitimacy
  • 4 some words to that effect
    sense, meaning, theme, drift, import, intent, intention, tenor, significance, message;
    gist, essence, spirit
  • 5 (effects) the dead man's effects
  • verb

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  • 1 they effected many changes
    achieve, accomplish, carry out, realize, manage, bring off, execute, conduct, engineer, perform, do, perpetrate, discharge, complete, consummate;
    provoke, occasion, generate, engender, actuate, initiate
    formal effectuate
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    See affect1


    in effect
    the battle had, in effect, already been won
    really, in reality, in truth, in fact, in actual fact, effectively, essentially, in essence, practically, to all intents and purposes, all but, as good as, more or less, almost, nearly, just about
    informal pretty much
    literary well-nigh, nigh on
    take effect
  • 1.1 these measures will take effect in May
    come into force, come into operation, become operative, begin, become valid, become law, apply, be applied
  • 2.1 the drug started to take effect
    work, act, be effective, produce results
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