Synonyms of engage in English:



  • 1 tasks that engage children's interest
    capture, catch, arrest, grab, snag, draw, attract, gain, win, hold, grip, captivate, engross, absorb, occupy
    [Antonyms] lose
  • 2 he engaged a landscaper to do the job
    employ, hire, recruit, take on, secure the services of, put on the payroll, enroll, appoint
    [Antonyms] dismiss
  • 3 he engaged to pay them $10,000
    contract, promise, agree, pledge, vow, covenant, commit oneself, bind oneself, undertake, enter into an agreement
  • 4 the chance to engage in many social activities
    participate in, take part in, join in, become involved in, go in for, partake in/of, share in, play a part/role in;
    have a hand in, be a party to, enter into
  • 5 infantry units engaged the enemy
    fight, do battle with, wage war on/against, attack, take on, set upon, clash with, skirmish with;
    encounter, meet
  • 6 he engaged the gears
    interlock, interconnect, mesh, intermesh, fit together, join, join together, unite, connect, couple
    [Antonyms] disengage
  • Definition of engage in:

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