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Synonyms of enormity in English:


  • 1 the enormity of the task
    size, extent, magnitude, greatness
  • 3 the enormities of the regime
    outrage, horror, evil, atrocity, barbarity, abomination, monstrosity, obscenity, iniquity;
    crime, sin, violation, wrong, offense, disgrace, injustice, abuse
  • Usage


    Enormity traditionally means ‘the extreme scale or seriousness of something bad or morally wrong,’ as in they were struggling to deal with the enormity of the crime. Today, however, a more neutral sense as a synonym for hugeness or immensity (as in he soon discovered the enormity of the task) is common. Some people regard this use as wrong, arguing that enormity in its original sense meant ‘an extreme wickedness’ and should therefore continue to be used only of contexts in which a negative moral judgment is implied. Nevertheless, the sense of 'great size' is now broadly accepted in standard English, although it generally relates to something difficult, such as a task, challenge, or achievement
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