Synonyms of entertain in English:



  • 1 she wrote plays to entertain them
    amuse, divert, delight, please, charm, cheer, interest
    engage, occupy, absorb, engross
    [Antonyms] bore
  • 2 he entertains foreign visitors
    receive, host, play host/hostess to, invite (around/round/over), throw a party for;
    wine and dine, feast, cater for, feed, treat, welcome, fête
  • 3 we don't entertain much
    receive guests, have people around/round/over, have company, throw/have a party
  • 4 I would never entertain such an idea
    consider, give consideration to, contemplate, think about, give thought to;
    countenance, tolerate, support
    formal brook
    [Antonyms] reject
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