Synonyms of equal in English:



  • 1 lines of equal length
    [Antonyms] different
  • 2 fares equal to a month's wages
    equivalent to, identical to, amounting to; proportionate to; commensurate with, on a par with
    [Antonyms] more than less than
  • 3 equal treatment before the law
    [Antonyms] discriminatory
  • 4 an equal contest
    evenly matched, even, balanced, level; on a par, on an equal footing
    [Antonyms] uneven
  • noun

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  • 1 they did not treat him as their equal
  • verb

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  • 1 two plus two equals four
    be equal to, be equivalent to, be the same as; come to, amount to, make, total, add up to
  • 2 he equaled the world record
    match, reach, parallel, be level with, measure up to
  • 3 the fable equals that of any other poet
    be as good as, be a match for, measure up to, equate with; be in the same league as, rival, compete with
  • Phrases

    equal to

    trust me, I am equal to the taskcapable offit forup togood enough forstrong enough forsuitable forsuited toappropriate for

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